Opportunities for future connectors


Automobile connector occupies the first place, and application connector is the high-end development direction. Connectors mainly include automobile, communication, consumer electronics, military industry and industry. The scale growth and technological innovation of downstream industries are the main factors driving the growth of connector market. Among these downstream industries, the largest proportion of automotive connectors, accounting for 23% of the global connector market, followed by communications. And with the increase of automotive electronics, and 4G, 5G network layout, automotive and communications connector will still have great room for development. And in the field of consumer electronics, with the development of wearable devices, VR\AR technology breakthrough, the future of connector size will be considerable.
According to the technical characteristics of connectors, connectors can be divided into application and standard type. Among them, the application connector mainly includes automobile connector and military connector. This kind of connection automobile connector basically needs to be customized, which requires the connector manufacturer to have a strong design ability, and there will not be several years of production of several types of consumer electronic connector. Military custom connectors, both for high-end small batch. The production of automotive connectors is slightly larger than that of the military, but the quality and design requirements have not decreased. For application connectors, rapid design, large-scale and high-quality production is the core competitiveness. In recent years, the leading connector (Tyco, Amphenol, Molex) have been applied to the connector Market tilt. China's leading application connector, CNAC photoelectric also in the forefront of the world in recent years.
Another type of market, accounting for the largest proportion of standard connectors. Standard connectors require less design and are designed to be fixed. A model connector can be used in several locations and will remain unchanged for many years. The main competitive point of this kind of connector lies in cost control and quality control under mass production. Therefore, standardized connector manufacturers mainly compete in line capacity, production and management.
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