Function and application of optical fiber terminal


With a standard optical fiber terminal and RCA terminal is the same, SPDIF is a digital audio format, but not by the current data transmission fluctuation, but through the pulse wave, using optical fiber special medium. From the output port of the Toslink, you can see the red light, which is neither laser nor harmful to the human eye. Dirt and dust will block the transmission of light, so do not use hand contact even persistent mouth, do not have the time to set the dust cap onto the port, in addition, the optical fiber line can not excessively bend distortion, otherwise it will cause permanent damage and can not be used.
Fiber terminals need photoelectric and electro-optical two times conversion, inevitably appear lost, and CD in the Jitee phenomenon is always let customers heart. But fiber is not as susceptible to electromagnetic interference as copper wire, and it can be better guaranteed for long distance transmission.
Fiber is mainly to resist interference, high definition, high speed, low loss, high performance characteristics of the customer's favor, mainly in 3 aspects:
1, the optical fiber is characterized by the temperature, temperature and other surrounding environment, loss or loss of signal, in the audio, more than the number of 5.1 or more channels for the use of video. Especially now the movie more intense, such as fragments of a hail of bullets fragments rapidly Benz car effect much better than the effect with the traditional axis.
2, when playing music (especially the CD of pure music), you can transmit high fidelity HI-FI digital format music.
3, through the optical fiber for damage, no compression, no distortion recording audio.
Based on the above characteristics, the optical fiber terminal has been widely used in various short distance signal transmission and communication DVD, power amplifier, switch, sound card, finite TV set-top boxes, digital cameras, computer peripherals and other digital products, copier, printer, printing equipment, optical sensors and industrial equipment, automotive, medical equipment and power systems and other products industry.
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